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Get The Fastest Path To Infinite Cashflow With This 3-Day Encore Event…

Get The Fastest Path To Infinite Cashflow With This 3-Day Encore Event…

How Would You Like To Attend My 
(from the comfort of your own home) - AND ONLY Pay AFTER THE EVENT… IF you love the content?

Experience mind-blowing moments...

Cashflowing content secrets...

...And appearances from renowned speakers at Content Machine Live!

PLUS! Never-before-released cashflow system strategies!

Imagine having an evergreen content machine that generates leads on autopilot for your business… 

...But also the cashflow systems to ascend those leads from hello to high ticket. 

Introducing Content Machine Live: Encore - a 3-day encore event dedicated to helping you build infinite cashflow inside your business! 

Infinite Cashflow is all about combining two key elements: 
  • Your Content Machine: This is your evergreen lead generation strategy that includes everything you publish online. Imagine having a machine like this that generates leads for you on autopilot!
  • Your Cashflow Systems: These are the monetization systems that ascend those leads consistently toward your high ticket offer.
Throughout this entire event, we’re not just going to be focusing on creating content that cashflows - but setting up 3 separate cashflow systems that generate leads on autopilot and consistently sell your $5k-$20k program on repeat. 

Whether you have a high ticket program now or you want to create one, this event will take you by the hand and show you how to not only create content that caters to your target audience… 

But you’ll also have the cashflow systems in place to ascend those leads from hello to high ticket. 

In other words, Content Machine Live: 
Encore will guide you towards the fastest path to cash.

I promise you - after these 3 days, your business will never be the same. 

I want to guide you through never-before-released strategies for…
  • Creating an evergreen lead generation machine that perpetually fills your pipeline. 
  • Creating and launching your 7-figure scaling cashflow systems.
  • ​Automating your evergreen systems to sell every day on autopilot.
  • Generating, nurturing, and converting your leads from ‘hello’ to high ticket.

That’s Why We Created Content Machine Live: Encore!

Our 3-Day Encore Event To Help You Build An 
Infinite Cashflow System Inside Your Business

What Exactly IS 
Content Machine Live: Encore?

It’s a 3-day encore of our most successful business acceleration strategies with more upgraded, never-before-seen material to help you build your content machine and cashflow systems so you can achieve infinite cashflow in your business once and for all. 

Including a star-studded speaker lineup: Russell Brunson, Stephen Larsen, Alex Charfen & Cristy Code Red!

We’ve hand-selected brand new strategies to show you how to fuel your content machine with evergreen cashflow systems!

Including Sessions From Experts Like:

Including Sessions From Experts Like:

Russell Brunson

Alex Charfen

Cristy Code Red

Stephen Larsen

A SNEAK Peek Of What You’ll Be Learning At 

Content Machine Live: Encore… 

Your Host



Your personal stories that cashflow and the ones that will make you go broke (AKA the bad kind of vulnerable)


How to plan for profit before pressing play


How to ACTUALLY create content that isn’t BARNEY FOR ADULTS (you all know what I’m talking about)


Ascending your audience in a way that there is little resistance to buy from you


How to turn your content into cash (cause you can’t deposit likes and followers in your bank account)


The Transformation Is In The Transaction: Unlocking The Guru-Hidden Cashflow System Strategy For Ascending Leads From Hello To High Ticket

Content Expert Secrets: An Exclusive Interview With

Russell Brunson

I’ll sit down with Russell for a compelling conversation about filling your funnels with dream customers, incorporating engaging stories into your content, and the true life-changing power of entrepreneurship. Get insider traffic secrets and content machine advice from ClickFunnels CEO, Russell Brunson!

Guest Speaker

Alex Charfen


“Owning Your Customer Avatar”

“The companies that leave a massive dent in the universe own their avatar.” - Alex Charfen

Creator of the Billionaire Code, Alex Charfen will lead you through the process of drafting and speaking to your ideal customer avatar so that you can change lives at scale. Charfen’s high ticket programs sell with little to no resistance because of these secrets - and soon, yours can too! 

Guest Speaker

Cristy Code Red


"Top 3 Content Strategies That Took Cristy From Food Stamps To $10 Million In 4 Years"

I can’t think of anyone more motivating in business and in life than Cristy Code Red! Join Cristy as she shares the 3 pivotal content strategy elements that catapulted her success as the undeniable leader in a highly competitive and saturated industry. 

Keynote Speaker

Steve J Larsen


“3 Little Known Cashflow Strategies From Your New Or Existing Content Machine”
Everyone talks about how it takes YEARS before you can make any significant money with your content. 

Steve has made MILLIONS with his content and has figured out the secrets that'll allow you to activate your cashflow through your content as well!

Keynote Speaker

Russell Brunson



Guest Speaker


“How To Strategically Position Content To Explode High Ticket Sales (Without Hard Selling or Battling Objections)”

Guest Speaker

Cristy Code Red

“Title of Presentation”

Guest Speaker

Steve J. Larsen

“3 Little Known Cashflow Strategies From Your New Or Existing Content Machine”

Who Is ‘Content Machine Live: Encore’ For?

‘Content Machine Live: Encore’ is perfect for entrepreneurs and business owners who have an offer and a funnel, but need help creating an Infinite Cashflow System inside their business that they can rely on to bring in recurring, predictable, reliable cashflow each and every day. 

If that sounds like you, then welcome! ‘Content Machine Live: Encore’ was made for your business!

  “Sounds great, but… 
                                                      how much does it cost?”

Normally, an in-person event of this magnitude (with all the amazing guest speakers) would cost hundreds of dollars to attend…

Plus, you’d be paying for accommodation, flights, and food… 

But since we’re going to be streaming these sessions from stage… 
(And because we want your cashflow to skyrocket, no matter where you are!)

Well, it’s basically free. 

Let me explain: 

I want to give you 2 options to make sure you get the cashflow strategies you need with the highest ROI.

Option 1: PAY NOW

Pay now for a discounted $97 and you’ll also get the FREE replays until June 30th @ midnight.

This is perfect for you if you’re… 
  • In another time zone 
  • Juggling client calls
  • ​On a yacht with questionable wifi
… or if you just want the opportunity to pay LESS and get MORE time with the ‘Content Machine Live: Encore’ sessions. 

Option 2: PAY LATER

Maybe you want to make sure you LOVE it before you pay… and I get that!

So here’s how it works: 

You enter in your credit card number, reserve your spot, but you won’t be billed ANYTHING YET… 

Then, attend the entire live encore event for FREE…

And then, after the event, IF you love the content and agree that it was worth your time… 

Then, do NOTHING - and we’ll bill you $127 AFTER the event is over. 

Sound fair? Great!

So if you’re looking to take a giant leap with your business this year… 

… And ascend to 6, 7, or even 8 figures of cashflow… 

Get your ticket before they’re GONE FOR GOOD! That’s right; even virtual events have attendance limitations! 

Would you pay $127 to learn the secrets to infinite cashflow that visionary entrepreneurs in all industries are using to scale to the Lion’s Share Award? 

If you could learn and implement just a handful of strategies that would help you generate recurring, predictable, and reliable cashflow on autopilot… would it be worth it? 

Would you like access to the same Infinite Cashflow System strategies that took me years of trial-and-error and thousands of dollars to perfect (so you can set yourself on the fastest path to cash)? 

If so, then ‘Content Machine Live: Encore’ is the event for you!

Over the course of this 3-day encore event, you’ll learn the step-by-step process of creating a content machine and cashflow systems inside your business. You’ll be set on the fastest path to infinite cashflow!

What Others Are Saying About Building 
Content & Cashflow With Marley Jaxx?

Here's How It Works...

Step 1: Reserve Your Seat

Enter your credit card information today to reserve your virtual seat at ‘Content Machine Live: Encore’.

Step 2: Choose Your Payment Option

  Option 1: PAY NOW [BEST VALUE]
                      Get your event ticket discounted $97 + the FREE Encore replays for 7 days (Until June 30)
  Option 2: PAY LATER
                       Attend the Encore, pay nothing, and we’ll bill you $127 after the event.

Step 3: Attend The Encore Event

Next, you’ll attend the 3-day encore event and set yourself on the fastest path to creating and distributing content that generates predictable, recurring cashflow for your business. 

You’ll also get access to guest speaker presentations, and never-before-seen sessions featuring my exclusive strategies for building predictable cashflow systems inside your business that effortlessly ascend leads from hello to high ticket!

Here’s What’s Included With Your Event Ticket

LIVE Breakthrough Content Machine Strategy

(Value $9,997)

You get three full days of LIVE training on the formulas and patterns that work to raise a megaphone to your impactful message, build impactful content around it, AND maximize your cash flow as a result. You’ll learn how to find and monetize your message and build a content machine that reliably creates predictable, recurring revenue for your business. I’ll also teach you everything you need to know in order to scale your audience and impact the masses 24/7, 365 days a year. 

Guest Expert Workshops

(Value $3,997)

You’ll also hear from 3 AMAZING world class speakers (pinch me, I can’t even believe they said yes!). They’ll be sharing exclusive trainings on content for high ticket sales, and content cashflow strategies.

Tools & Resources

(Value $1,297)

I’m throwing in all the tools and knowledge you need to amplify your message, captivate your audience, and monetize your amazing message.

LIVE Zoom Interaction

(Value $999)

The entire event will take place live on Zoom, so you’ll be able to turn your camera on, say hello, and get to know the names and faces of the other attendees. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers. We can’t wait!

Total Value: $16,290


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